Words Matter for Effective Communication

We use between 2,000 and 20,000 words a day on average. It’s no wonder that some conversations have happy outcomes and others not so hot outcomes. If we aren’t careful about some of the words we use in conversations with others there could be a tendency for them to shut down and/or shut us out altogether.

In order to have success with your employees, teams and company overall you really need to have an idea of your style compared to the other person. Successful communication between varying styles is crucial for building relationships and a strong bottom line for the company.

Lucky for you my partner TTI SI has done the research on words_that_dont_work  between varying styles of people.  Certain words can cause a sudden negative response in conversation – given the intensity and speed the brain reacts to these words, first impressions become lasting impressions.

So how can you use the findings in the study within your own team or organization? Try these four steps:

Identify and understand you own behavior (DISC) style and the DISC style of your team or employees. Understand the Words that don’t work  for your style and the other styles so you can figure out what might trigger you. 

Before embarking on an important discussion, take time to consider who you are meeting with and the difference in their DISC style and yours

Get your Emotional Intelligence shield on to identify when the trigger words are being used intentionally to polarize you or others in the discussion.

Finally, understand that an individuals driving forces (what motivates them) will heighten or lessen reactions when presented with a word that doesn’t work for their behavioral style.

If you aren’t using assessments in your business to find out more about your employees or new hires, you are really missing some critical information that will help your bottom line. Contact Vicki to discuss your specific situation and get a solution tailored to you, your company and budget. You’ll be glad you did.