Who Are You REALLY Hiring?

When it comes to hiring most people you interview are going to be who they say they are. But there is the off chance that who you think you are hiring isn’t really who shows up for work. It all sounds very cryptic, however if you incorporate these few simple rules during your hiring practice you’ll be assured you are getting the right individual.

In addition to benchmarking your job (or using Strategic Selection as I like to call it) You want to make sure you conduct a thorough interview with your applicant.

  • Conduct a thorough interview: The main reason to conduct and interview in the first place is to make sure the applicant has the right qualifications (sure you see them on the resume but you want to get more information about their experiences)  Its highly recommended that you use a behavioral interviewing methodology to ensure that the person does have past experience within the areas you need them to have experience. Don’t just ask the easy questions, make sure you dig deep and are satisfied with the answers your applicant has given you.
  • Don’t forget to document:  Documentation of the application, the interview and ultimately the complete employee record. I’m saying here that yes, documentation can save you OR it can burn you. Because you have been using a consistent hiring process for ALL your applicants you’ll be fine documenting their answers to your behavioral questions. Just make sure you are not making any notes about things that are not job related; relax you’ll be fine.
  • Remember the background check: If you are going to conduct background checks I highly recommend you have records searched in all 50 states. Sometimes applicants will have outstanding warrants against them in OTHER states besides the one YOU live in. They have no problem signing your application that all is correct because MOST companies that conduct background checks ONLY do it in the current state. The applicant figures if the employer is not smart enough to check other states that is too bad for them. I’ve seen these situations happen. Trust me, have your background checking company look at all state police records.

Its not too late to start using a consistent hiring process. Just follow these few simple tips outlined to have a smooth interviewing and hiring experience.  If you have more questions you can always give us a call or drop us an email.

Relax, you’ll be fine.