Where Do You Start?

Most of us wonder this time of year, “Where do I start?” The answer is simple, just start where you are or start at the beginning!

More important than the question, however, is gaining an understanding of why the question can create such a powerful barrier. Generally what starts this obstacle is a phenomenon known as A to Z thinking. We like to start at A and our mind immediately skips all the way to Z. We become overwhelmed.

Below are some tips to help you break through the obstacle and get to where you ultimately want to be.

Get specific: No wishy-washy goals here. Goals must be specific, measurable and deadline oriented.

Planning: For serious goal attainment, a plan is a must and the plan has to be in writing. Figure out the first set of steps then fill in other steps as you move along. This will keep you from being overwhelmed and eventually able to reach the final destination.

Know the “Why” of your goal: An important part of goal achievement is having a clear understanding of what realizing your goal will mean to you or loved ones.
Take time to visualize and journal about your goal, why it’s important, and the thought’s and feelings around it.

Prioritize: For the record, your goals and dreams are important, REALLY important. Set a time each day to spend visiting your goal list. It’s okay to focus on YOU!

Seek Support: Don’t go it alone. Get a support network to help you work through your goals. A coach, mentor or personal Dream Team can help you achieve different parts of a goal or different goals all together.

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