What’s the Face of Your Leadership?

As a business goes through the different stages of growth, the leader of that business will be faced with operating as a Visionary, Manager or Specialists all at the same time. The critical challenge here is if you don’t know what stage of growth your business is in you may perhaps be showing the wrong “face of leadership” to your organization or spending too much time as a visionary when you should be spending more time as a manager or specialist.

The Visionary ensures the organization knows where the company wants to go.  When you are operating in the visionary role you can take an insignificant situation and turn it into an opportunity.

The  Manager understands the importance of growing a company because you are managing the work and the people. When you act as a manager you create order and you focus on systems and procedures that will ultimately help the company run well.

The Specialist will be immersed in the work that the company produces. You will generally be action oriented and detail focused. As an example if you are in start-up mode; 50% of your time would be focused on a Specialist leadership style. But let’s say your business is in stage 5, you would only be allocating 10% of your time showing your specialist leadership face.

Depending on the stage of growth your organization is in, you will spend a percent of your leadership face time in each of these areas. We all have the same amount of time each day to get work done. The sooner you know where to allocate your time wisely for the business the happier you’ll be and the more profitable your business will be.

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