What Gets YOU Out of Bed In the Morning?

I’m talking about motivation. Do you know what motivates your employees to get out of bed in the morning? With Millennials in the workforce, employers are scrambling to “figure them out.” What do they like and dislike? What are their goals? What motivates them? But when you attempt to answer these questions, generalization isn’t effective. Each person is unique and it is the understanding of what makes them an individual will will make or break your talent management.

For many this new workforce may be hard to communicate with and understand. The differences between the Millennials, the Baby Boomers and everyone in between create struggle for many co-workers. The situation solidifies the increasing need for effective communication in order to ensure positive relationships that will benefit the company. It often takes time to really get to know an employee and discover their true character, yet you may not have much time before they walk down the street to your competition. It doesn’t have to be that hard or take that long to understand and appreciate your employees.

Strategic Human Insights specializes in solutions that uncover the behaviors and motivators that make each individual unique. By understanding your own behaviors and motivators, then appreciating the behaviors and motivators of others, anyone, regardless of their generation, can increase effective communication, making a significant impact on the success of the company.