How to Remedy the Problems Caused by the Employee Too Valuable to Fire

You could also call them your ‘Brilliant Jerks’ At least that’s what one CEO calls them at his company and he no longer tolerates ‘Brilliant Jerks’ because the cost to team work and the company is too high.

Unfortunately almost every company has one – the employee who causes chaos in the organization or a top sales person that operates way outside the box, is demanding and arrogant. Alas these people can be considered too valuable to fire. You feel you can’t fire them because they have a specialty skill set that is too difficult to replace or your business would take a hit the bottom line. If you have someone like this in your organization then this paper is for you.

This paper will teach you how to:

  • Identify employee issues before they start
  • Implement the 3 Question Session
  • Take your culture back and rehabilitate or eliminate your brilliant jerks while creating a more harmonious work environment

If you are serious about getting your employee issues under control so everyone (including you) can focus on serving your clients and growing a thriving business you can’t afford to miss downloading How to Remedy the Problems Caused by the Employee too Valuable to Fire.

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