Time to Fill Your Jobs Faster

It’s taking a lot of you a very long time to fill your jobs. 23 days in fact – up from 13 days back in 2010.

Part of the reason it seems some of you take so long to pull the trigger on an applicant is you have this laborious selection process as noted in a recent Wall Street Journal article. Perhaps you’ve let others hijack the process and now it’s out of control. But recruiters like to close deals. Some hiring managers and executives have been burned by hiring the wrong person and are risk averse. Too fast or too slow – neither works well, really. Making your applicants conduct elaborate projects could possibly get you in hot water with the OFCCP because in essence you are asking a person to do work for you – for free. 

How do you, get the right hire at the right time so you can cut the time to fill your jobs? By having a Job Benchmark on file first – THEN looking at previous applicants and possible new applicants will help you fill your roles quickly -with the RIGHT person.

If this is the first time you have heard of Job Benchmarking, let me provide you with some additional details below.

  1. Determine which job(s) you want to benchmark first
  2. Now that you have reviewed resumes, it’s time to assess applicants against your job benchmark.  We recommend using the TriMetrixHD which is like a DISC assessment on steroids!
  3. You can now phone screen those applicants that met or exceeded the job benchmark because the assessment provides additional areas for you to probe. 
  4. Bring them in for an interview and make it one day to meet everyone (if you can) 
  5. Make the offer! 

I know you want to cut the time it takes to fill your jobs. But you also want to make sure you hire the right person for the right role. I promise if you follow the steps above you will get a better hire from the start and much faster than using the old worn out methods!

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