Third Quarter Check-In: How are WE Doing?

In the art world, painting by numbers is not a best practice. But in the business world, nothing provides a clearer snapshot of what’s going on inside a business like the numbers. Thanks to the ease of metrics software, the calculations that paint a picture of what’s working well and what could be better have never been easier to use.

For example, survey after survey in the past few years has shown that job disengagement is on the rise, costing employers a small fortune in wasted opportunity. How much is disengagement costing your business in cold, hard-earned cash? There’s a way to calculate it. One popular but incorrect myth is that “You can’t measure talent.”

That may be true in the art world, but talent in the business world is demonstrated in skills such as personal accountability, time management, problem solving and other highly desirable traits that can in fact be measured. If your business is still hiring candidates based only on a resume and a favorable interview personality, you may have to wait until performance results are in to be confident that you’ve hired someone with a high potential for becoming a superior performer. But hiring managers without the time or budget to waste on unnecessary employee turnover are using talent assessments that give reliable indicators when candidates have what it takes to ramp up to speed quickly and connect their inner motivations to a sense of satisfaction on the job. Are you taking advantage of research-based technologies that simplify your search for right-fit talent?

Calculating return on investment has never been easier. What would the bottom line difference be to your business if your high potential employees were identified and developed into superior performers who can reliably achieve the numbers your business needs for growth? How soon will an investment in targeted skill training pay for itself in revenue-generating results? Moving from surviving to thriving in the post recession economy will depend on having a clear picture of where the business truly is now and what the next step should be. Every business has its own distinct needs.

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