The Right Leadership Style at the Right Time

Every leader needs to have a set of core leadership competencies or use a specific leadership style that helps them move the company forward as it grows. Depending on the stage of growth the company is in will depend on the competencies the leader needs to exhibit.

In their book “Primal Leadership – Realizing the Power of Emotional Intelligence” Daniel Goleman, Richard Boyatizis and Anne McKee’s research indicates there are four dimensions of emotional intelligence for a leader and within these four dimensions there are 18 competencies that are the primary vehicles of primal leadership. They state that “even the most outstanding leader will not have all competencies; effective leaders will exhibit at least one competency from each category.

The Four Dimensions

Self-Awareness encompasses emotional self-awareness, accurate self-assessment and self-confidence.

Self-Management focuses on areas such as transparency, adaptability, achievement, initiative and optimism.

Social Awareness integrates empathy, organizational awareness and service.

While Relationship Management includes inspirational leadership, influence, developing others, change catalyst, building bonds, team work and collaboration.

In addition to the four dimensions the book outlines six distinct approaches to leadership – the most effective leaders will act according to one or more of these approaches. Four of the styles will create the kind of resonance that inspires performance in your people. (Visionary, Coaching, Affiliative and Democratic)  While the other two pace setting and commanding should be applied with caution.  I’ll challenge you to change your ways if you are using these last two as your dominant leadership style. The Millennial generation won’t work for this type of leader very long.

As a leader do you know which of these styles is best to apply during certain situations or as your business grows – if not I encourage you to find out. If you are a new leader it may take some time to uncover what style to use when. That’s okay. Rome was not built in a day and leadership skills are developed over time.

Just like anyone else in the company a leader should continuously develop themselves. You have to want to develop or strengthen an aspect of who you are and who you want to be. Change will not happen over-night, it rarely ever does. If you are motivated to make the change and connect with your passion, energy and excitement about life, the learning will stick and change will be inevitable. Once your management team sees you leading by being more emotionally intelligent, they will follow suit. The best part about all of this change is that your employees and your business will benefit tremendously.

Want to know more about your Leadership Style? Take our Leadership Style Assessment to find out what your current leadership style is and what style you should be using based on the number of employees currently in your company or on your team.

If you didn’t line up with the correct leadership style for your current Stage of Growth or team size, contact us for a complementary discussion on how to get on track.