The FACE of a Leader

What do you think makes a “real” leader? I like to think it involves the acronym F.A.C.E. Read what I mean below.

F – Flexibility – People definitely want to follow a leader that is able to bend and flow when necessary.

A – Accountability – You want a leader to be accountable for results but also hold your feet to the fire too. You can’t get better if your leader is always letting you off the hook!

C – Clarity – Most of us want our leaders to have clarity around the strategic goals of the company as well as what it takes to get us there as a company.

E – Engagement – Have you ever worked for an unengaged leader? It’s not very fun is it?

When you think about the type of leader you want to be AND the type of leader you want to follow think about the acronym FACE and you’ll be reminded of what it takes to be a great leader and I hope it inspires YOU to become a great leader!