Ten Strategies to Keep Your Good People

Incorporate the following steps as part of your talent management strategy and you’re sure to have employee retention.

1. Set Expectations; have a clear, concise description of the job and the expectations of the person in that job.

2. Move your talented people around the organization, let them experience other jobs in the company and have the company win by using their talents in different ways.

3. Know your talented employees strengths and physical needs. Make sure they have all the tools and knowledge necessary to do the job right.

4. Provide your company strategy up front; make sure you have a system in place for distributing important information to your people.

5. Know what your employees can and will do. Give them the opportunity to do those things every day.

6. Identify key players or high potentials and spend time with them. Provide encouragement publicly and privately.

7. Let managers work with their talented people on a development plan and assume a partnership role with the employee, that way everyone knows what’s expected of them.

8. Set up town hall and individual meetings to get to know your people. Reconnect with them often as their needs and wants change.

9. Train managers in productivity coaching; hold them accountable for hiring and developing talent within their units.

10. Teach and train managers in the art of High Touch. People want to be respected, recognized and rewarded for outstanding performance.