Stop Employee Turnover

Dear CEO or Business Owner,

Do you take the time to help your managers understand what you expect from them and what they can expect from you? If not, keep reading…

Answer these eight questions to start understanding employee turnover.


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Interviewing 101

You would think after all these years, interviewing would get easier for applicants. It can actually be a breeze if the interviewer has been trained AND you have a set of specific questions that relate to the job to ask the applicant. It’s...

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Winning the War for Talent

I recently attended a CEO Symposium in Dallas, TX. The focus of the half-day session was winning the war for talent. If you don’t live here, Dallas is a highly competitive and tight labor market in many different industry sectors and...

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Time to Fill Your Jobs Faster

It’s taking a lot of you a very long time to fill your jobs. 23 days in fact – up from 13 days back in 2010.

Part of the reason it seems some of you take so long to pull the trigger on an applicant is you have this laborious selection process as...

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Identify Your Future Leaders

As the war for talent continues, it makes more sense for companies to spend time developing their future leaders instead of bringing them in from the outside.

You may be a future leader if:

1. You have vision: If you have vision you can inspire...

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The FACE of a Leader

What do you think makes a “real” leader? I like to think it involves the acronym F.A.C.E. Read what I mean below.

F – Flexibility – People definitely want to follow a leader that is able to bend and flow when necessary.

A – Accountability – You...

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