4 Key Steps to Simplify Hiring

Many years ago when my business focused on conducting retained executive searches in the healthcare industry I worked with some larger hospital systems that had terrible hiring processes. Now I work with companies in various industries that range...

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Does the Job Fit?

Your company has an open position. You have interviewed many people and had several rounds of vetting their skills. You think you are ready to make an offer to one of these candidates.

Stop and ask yourself: Does the person fit the job?

The only...

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Managers Weigh In on the Performance Review

For the last post of the month I took this topic to the street and received feedback from many of my colleagues that manage a team of employees. I found that managers are a divided group when it comes to the performance review.

Several managers...

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Is It Time to Kill the Performance Review?

For the past two years mid-year, I have provided hiring managers and leaders ideas about conducting a mid-year performance review with their team. After all we are half way through the year and if you don’t check in now with your team, how will...

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Putting the Value Back in Performance Evaluations

We have disposable contact lens, disposable cameras, disposable headphones on airplanes.

Lest we add disposable employee appraisals to the list, we might want to consider ways to put more “value” into performance evaluations so that they...

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