Interviewing 101

You would think after all these years, interviewing would get easier for applicants. It can actually be a breeze if the interviewer has been trained AND you have a set of specific questions that relate to the job to ask the applicant. It’s...

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Does the Job Fit?

Your company has an open position. You have interviewed many people and had several rounds of vetting their skills. You think you are ready to make an offer to one of these candidates.

Stop and ask yourself: Does the person fit the job?

The only...

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Benchmark Your Way to Hiring Success

By: Nicholas Christner, TTI Solutions Consultant

Prior to writing a job description and posting an opening, have you identified the specific behavior styles, motivating factors and skills that the job requires? How will you ensure that the...

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Cost of a Bad Hire

In February 2010 I posted some statistics about the cost of a bad hire. Today an infographic showing the Cost of a Bad Hire was posted on about a software service by, Resoomay that allows recruiting agencies and employers to screen...

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Motivation and Your Employees

In their most recent HBR Blog, Carolyn Dewar and Scott Keller discuss the four motivation mistakes that most leaders make.

  • Leaders think employees care as much about the company as they do
  • Everyone is not motivated by money
  • Your people want you...
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Firing via Telephone

For such a short week an awful lot has happened in the world of business. Stocks have been on a wild ride for the short week and are rallying again. Then there is the firing of Carol Bartz former CEO of Yahoo.

A LOT of news articles and blogs...

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Creating Fun and A Little Weirdness

Based on the title you probably think I am going to write about Zappos, the little shoe company that could, and did. Well, you are partially right. While most people already know about Zappos and their unique culture, did you know that there are...

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Is Ready, Fire, Aim Your Talent Management Strategy?

Many businesses are still practicing talent mismanagement through “fire, ready, aim” rather than “ready, aim, fire!” Although you might get lucky and this approach may work, implementing a more logical and effective talent management process for...

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