Your People Are Your Business

I shared this information via a talk at  the Cobb Chamber Business University.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that every year 1.5 billion businesses are started by people that expect to be successful. Within five years, over half of...

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The Best Reward and Recognition Story

We want YOUR stories! We want to hear the best reward and recognition you ever gave OR received.

Business owners and managers, have you ever given an employee a great reward?

Employees, have you ever received a great reward?

If so, we would like...

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Teams and Trust

Like many of the best things in life, trust really is free. Doing without trust will cost you dearly, especially in business. What’s at stake is productivity, innovation, and ultimately, profits.

High functioning teams share goals that drive...

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What Message Does Your Employer Brand Convey?

I have to tell you that I do not profess to be a marketing expert. However, I can say that Strategic Human Insights are experts in helping companies hire the right people for the right roles and helping with organizational efficiencies.

Read on...

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Cost of a Bad Hire

In February 2010 I posted some statistics about the cost of a bad hire. Today an infographic showing the Cost of a Bad Hire was posted on about a software service by, Resoomay that allows recruiting agencies and employers to screen...

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