Keep Your Exceptional Employees

To keep exceptional employees and to reduce employee turnover, it’s not enough for a company to say that people are their greatest asset. You, the Leader must show you value your employees. If your organization is experiencing a high level of...

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Three Secrets of the One Minute Manager

In 2015 the book The One Minute Manager was updated to reflect the changing workplace. The key lessons still resonate today. If you apply these three secrets of the one-minute manager, you and your team will complete goals with more ease and...

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Successful Leadership for the Future

The year 2020 taught us that the future could be as close as next week or in two hours. The future is now, and employees are still feeling a bit of gridlock and uncertainty as COVID continues to dictate every corner of life.

Leaders, you can be...

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Engaging Employees – Companies with 1-10 Employees

If your company has 1-10 employees, you are considered a Stage 1 company.

You have your idea and capital; you’ve ramped up to 4 – 6 (or more) employees pretty quickly and now the fun begins. Getting out of the gate with a new company (or...

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To Delegate or Dump?

To delegate or dump, that is the question.

Do you delegate or dump? What I mean is, are you a delegator or do you just dump things on your employees desks and expect them to know what to do next?

CEO’s and business owners with companies of fewer...

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What is Meaningful Work?

I read an article in Fast Company about meaningful work and how for many employees, having a personal sense of meaning in their work is more important than compensation.

Gallup conducted a poll that shows more than half your staff is ready to...

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Workshops Are Not the Answer

With hundreds of Baby-boomers retiring daily, companies large and small are starting to experience a shortage of managers. It can be a challenge to decide whom you should promote. Some subject matter experts don’t want to manage people and...

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Hiring Long Term Employees

Before launching a search for a senior-level manager, take time to figure out the skills, personality and values that will best fit your...

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