Choose Gratitude

This month I have been focused on celebrations but now I want to shift and write about gratitude. I usually share insights on how you can use the blog topic in your business some way which I do, but you can also incorporate it in your personal...

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Managers Weigh In on the Performance Review

For the last post of the month I took this topic to the street and received feedback from many of my colleagues that manage a team of employees. I found that managers are a divided group when it comes to the performance review.

Several managers...

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Growing But Not Leading

There is a common theme among many companies that have great subject matter experts. Most of these companies think that the person in a specific role is doing such a great job that the person should be promoted to a manager. Most of these subject...

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Motivation and Your Employees

In their most recent HBR Blog, Carolyn Dewar and Scott Keller discuss the four motivation mistakes that most leaders make.

  • Leaders think employees care as much about the company as they do
  • Everyone is not motivated by money
  • Your people want you...
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