Leadership Competencies for Stage 2 Companies

Leadership Competencies for Stage 2 Companies (11-19 employees)

Which of these Leadership Competencies do you possess?

A self-aware leader is a better leader.

Imagine that by simply increasing the level of staff satisfaction in your company, you...

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EQ, Me and You

There are so many interesting aspects to Emotional Intelligence (EQ). When I first started learning about EQ I was skeptical as most of you may be. However, as I started to dig more into what EQ is all about and how a higher EQ can help one not...

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Your People Are Your Business

I shared this information via a talk at  the Cobb Chamber Business University.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that every year 1.5 billion businesses are started by people that expect to be successful. Within five years, over half of...

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Cultivating Your “Leader Coaching” Skills

By Workforce Architects, LLC

Leaders have a variety of roles they play – visionary, strategist, motivator, director, negotiator, performance manager, deliverer of tough messages, etc.  One role that many effective leaders are now cultivating...

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Build and Keep a High Performance Team

Employers, entrepreneurs and some managers often think they have to “do it all themselves.” They may say things such as:

“No one can do this as well as I can.”
“It’s easier to just do it myself than to explain how to someone else.”

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Growing But Not Leading

There is a common theme among many companies that have great subject matter experts. Most of these companies think that the person in a specific role is doing such a great job that the person should be promoted to a manager. Most of these subject...

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The Power of a Mentor

By: Jim Corter

It is not easy to plan out every detail in your professional career but acquiring a mentor can serve as a valuable asset in guiding, in directing, and in coaching you. And sometimes a mentor can even open doors and opportunities...

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Why You Should Care About Succession Planning

If you are a CEO or CFO you know one of the main differentiators between your business and your competition is your current internal talent pool. If you are a business owner let’s face it, as much as you love your business, you really don’t want...

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The FACE of a Leader

What do you think makes a “real” leader? I like to think it involves the acronym F.A.C.E. Read what I mean below.

F – Flexibility – People definitely want to follow a leader that is able to bend and flow when necessary.

A – Accountability – You...

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