Steps to Weed Out Toxic Hires

Toxic, Psycho, Crazy. You know you’ve used these words to describe employees, colleagues and sometimes company executives! No matter the word, your best defense is to keep people with toxic tendencies from being hired into your company.


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For Love OR Money?

After 3 years of promises eHarmony finally launched it’s site for matching job seekers with money/jobs. It’s called Elevated Careers and they boast the same technology that helps 438 marriages each day is now responsible for matching a job seeker...

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Time to Fill Your Jobs Faster

It’s taking a lot of you a very long time to fill your jobs. 23 days in fact – up from 13 days back in 2010.

Part of the reason it seems some of you take so long to pull the trigger on an applicant is you have this laborious selection process as...

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3 Steps to Your Hiring Bulls-eye

The world of hiring is changing constantly but the basic tenets still apply.

You want to grow your company

You need to hire people

You need the ‘right’ people not just a body to fill a role

What I see happening is most of you are still using...

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Hiring Talent Outside Your Box

A recent talent magazine article encourages the reader to ‘Find Talent Outside the Box’ It goes on to state that because of the talent shortage companies are starting to be open to hiring talent without specific industry experience.


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How to Use Job Benchmarks to Hire and Grow Great Employees

Hiring based on job descriptions alone? You might run into trouble as soon as new hires walk through the door. You’ve outlined what employees need to do. So what? You need to describe what employees need to be – what skills they need to...

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4 Key Steps to Simplify Hiring

Many years ago when my business focused on conducting retained executive searches in the healthcare industry I worked with some larger hospital systems that had terrible hiring processes. Now I work with companies in various industries that range...

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