If You’re Great, Don’t Be A Coach

By: Jay S. Levin

What to be a star? Learn to sing. Play guitar. Buy a Versace outfit.

Looking for a platform?

Coaching’s not your thing.

What to make a contribution? Find a charity. Looking to lead? Learn to tango.

Got mad skills, find a talent...

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What Coaches Want You to Know

Over the past twenty years, coaching has become more widely accepted among individuals, corporations and non-profits. I have several colleagues that are certified professional coaches in just about every segment of work and life. I thought it...

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5 Steps to Create Your Company Culture

Leaders need to employ patience and persistence if they’re going to create a beneficial, shared culture in a growing organization.

As companies grow and expand, many are struggling to create a shared culture that reflects core values and...

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Doing the Right Thing

Throughout the day or our career there will be a time when you stop and ask yourself, what is the right thing to do in this situation?

Situation:  Your company doesn’t have a formal process to give feedback to employees that report to...

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Teams and Trust

Like many of the best things in life, trust really is free. Doing without trust will cost you dearly, especially in business. What’s at stake is productivity, innovation, and ultimately, profits.

High functioning teams share goals that drive...

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