Why Use a Sales Assessment?

It’s no secret that a great sales team can be the difference between your company making money or not. What seems to be a challenge for a lot of companies is hiring, developing and retaining the right sales people for their specific...

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Move Over Millennials – Meet Generation Z

Most companies are just now figuring out how to recruit and retain Millennials and what happens? Along comes the next group – Meet Generation Z!

Coming to your business in 2025

According to research done by ad agency sparks & honey Generation Z...

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Time to Fill Your Jobs Faster

It’s taking a lot of you a very long time to fill your jobs. 23 days in fact – up from 13 days back in 2010.

Part of the reason it seems some of you take so long to pull the trigger on an applicant is you have this laborious selection process as...

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3 Steps to Your Hiring Bulls-eye

The world of hiring is changing constantly but the basic tenets still apply.

You want to grow your company

You need to hire people

You need the ‘right’ people not just a body to fill a role

What I see happening is most of you are still using...

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Make Money Have Fun Attract Talent

I recently listened to a podcast of a lady in Florida that works in customer service for an insurance company. She was lamenting how she craved to be a writer but was currently working as a call center rep to pay the bills. She certainly sounded...

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Hiring Talent Outside Your Box

A recent talent magazine article encourages the reader to ‘Find Talent Outside the Box’ It goes on to state that because of the talent shortage companies are starting to be open to hiring talent without specific industry experience.


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“Must-Haves” for Employees: What to Look for When Hiring

I’m going to go ahead and admit that I’d make a terrible accountant. If you wanted to hire me for that role, I’d urge you to do a pre-hire assessment, which will tell you, “This lady won’t be happy! She doesn’t pay attention to detail...

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