Do You Need A Coach?

There are many reasons someone may decide to hire a coach. Sometimes a company will hire a coach for an executive or manager, sometimes the individual will hire a coach independently and sometimes a business owner feels the need to hire a coach...

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Build and Keep a High Performance Team

Employers, entrepreneurs and some managers often think they have to “do it all themselves.” They may say things such as:

“No one can do this as well as I can.”
“It’s easier to just do it myself than to explain how to someone else.”

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Motivation and Your Employees

In their most recent HBR Blog, Carolyn Dewar and Scott Keller discuss the four motivation mistakes that most leaders make.

  • Leaders think employees care as much about the company as they do
  • Everyone is not motivated by money
  • Your people want you...
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Firing via Telephone

For such a short week an awful lot has happened in the world of business. Stocks have been on a wild ride for the short week and are rallying again. Then there is the firing of Carol Bartz former CEO of Yahoo.

A LOT of news articles and blogs...

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