Generation X Changing the Workplace

Generation X: The Forgotten Generation

Michelle Obama, Jeff Bezos, Jack Dorsey and Michael Dell are all Gen X’ers – don’t tell them they are the forgotten generation. These individuals as well as many people in your company have contributed on...

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Building on Boomers

Building and Banking on Boomers

Surprise! Boomers are not gone…yet! What does this mean for your company? If you are smart and keep or hire Boomers over the next ten years, you’ll be setting your company up to beat your competition and grow...

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Move Over Millennials – Meet Generation Z

Most companies are just now figuring out how to recruit and retain Millennials and what happens? Along comes the next group – Meet Generation Z!

Coming to your business in 2025

According to research done by ad agency sparks & honey Generation Z...

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Cultivating Your “Leader Coaching” Skills

By Workforce Architects, LLC

Leaders have a variety of roles they play – visionary, strategist, motivator, director, negotiator, performance manager, deliverer of tough messages, etc.  One role that many effective leaders are now cultivating...

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