Leadership Styles for Stage 2 Companies

Leadership Styles for Stage 2 Companies 11-19 employees

The challenge of running an organization full of independent, smart, willing-to-learn people can be a bit overwhelming. After all, many of us started our companies without having the benefit...

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Leadership Styles for Stage 1 Companies

What’s your Leadership style? OR Are you flexible depending on the situation?

The key leadership styles a CEO or Business Owner should be using in a Stage 1 company (1-10 employees) are:

These leaders frame the collective task in...

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Working from Home

DISCover your work from home style.

If you have suddenly found yourself Working from Home, or you happen to be a WFH veteran, the free Work from Home report will help you dissolve barriers, create appropriate boundaries and keep you on track to...

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People or Teams?

Many will agree that people are the most important asset of an organization. More importantly, however, is how well those people work together to accomplish the common goal. Whether a company has thousands of people working in various locations...

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Your Impact On Others

I have not intentionally been here for a few months. I am in the process of updating my company website and plan to relaunch my brand with an updated blog. However, after getting news this week of a former colleague passing away I just felt I...

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People Make Things Happen

In less than a month we’ll be in the new year. By now most businesses have (hopefully) set their strategy for 2012. Most likely as a business owner or CEO you have finished or (hopefully) will finish your employees annual reviews (at the latest)...

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