Leadership Competencies for Stage 1 Companies

Stage 1 Companies have 1-10 employees

Did you know if you simply increased the level of satisfaction in your company, you could increase revenues? A study done by Lyle Spencer for the Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in...

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Resources for Small Businesses Affected by COVID-19

I hope these resources are helpful and you, your family, employees and friends are safe and well from COVID-19. We are all in this together and we will all get through it together.

If you have a mortgage

If you live in a house and have a...

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The Right Leadership Style at the Right Time

Every leader needs to have a set of core leadership competencies or use a specific leadership style that helps them move the company forward as it grows. Depending on the stage of growth the company is in will depend on the competencies the...

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Reflections from #CCAC2018

I usually walk away from conferences having collected a lot of great information and insights but not ever doing anything with the great insights I’ve gleaned. This time is different, the (#CCAC2018) Conscious Capitalism conference ended last...

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Increasing Individual and Organizational Performance

By: Ms. Scottie O’Toole, MS, SPHR & Certified Professional Coach

Back in the late 70’s I worked as a career counselor for a major northeastern university.  I interfaced with most of the major company recruiters and college relations...

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EQ, Me and You

There are so many interesting aspects to Emotional Intelligence (EQ). When I first started learning about EQ I was skeptical as most of you may be. However, as I started to dig more into what EQ is all about and how a higher EQ can help one not...

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Health and Your Emotional Wellbeing At the Office

By:  Valerie Barth

Being a fitness professional, I have heard almost every excuse known to man about why someone couldn’t eat healthy or exercise.  The excuse I hear most frequently is that their job gets in the way and there is no time. Now...

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Emotional Intelligence Sets the Stage

Some people may not agree with the statement that “Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is more important than Intellectual Intelligence.” (IQ) The truth is EQ is more important. EQ is the general assessment of an individual’s ability to control...

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