Difficult Conversations, Accountability, and Empathy

Leaders need to demonstrate empathy, vulnerability, and transparency. Further, they need to hold their people accountable and hold difficult or critical conversations before challenges get out of hand. Vicki Z. Lauter explains how to do this with...

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Leadership Competencies for Stage 2 Companies

Leadership Competencies for Stage 2 Companies (11-19 employees)

Which of these Leadership Competencies do you possess?

A self-aware leader is a better leader.

Imagine that by simply increasing the level of staff satisfaction in your company, you...

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Leadership Styles for Stage 1 Companies

What’s your Leadership style? OR Are you flexible depending on the situation?

The key leadership styles a CEO or Business Owner should be using in a Stage 1 company (1-10 employees) are:

These leaders frame the collective task in...

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The Right Leadership Style at the Right Time

Every leader needs to have a set of core leadership competencies or use a specific leadership style that helps them move the company forward as it grows. Depending on the stage of growth the company is in will depend on the competencies the...

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What is Meaningful Work?

I read an article in Fast Company about meaningful work and how for many employees, having a personal sense of meaning in their work is more important than compensation.

Gallup conducted a poll that shows more than half your staff is ready to...

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Lies, Sabotage and Ethics

Have you ever been lied to? How did it make you feel? Stop for a minute and let that feeling sink in. It doesn’t feel so good, does it?

Millennials are more likely to lie than older generations to their employers and sabotage their...

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Why Use a Sales Assessment?

It’s no secret that a great sales team can be the difference between your company making money or not. What seems to be a challenge for a lot of companies is hiring, developing and retaining the right sales people for their specific...

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It’s Time to Fire Your Brilliant Jerks

I am constantly amazed at companies that ignore the atrocious behavior caused by some employees. I hear leaders say things such as, “this person has an in demand skill-set. If we lose them it will take forever to hire someone to fill their...

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