Manage Different DISC Styles

DISC is a universal language of HOW you do what you do. Or how you act or react during conversations with other people. It’s important for managers to understand each employee’s DISC so they can manage different DISC styles with ease.

How can...

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Three Secrets of the One Minute Manager

In 2015 the book The One Minute Manager was updated to reflect the changing workplace. The key lessons still resonate today. If you apply these three secrets of the one-minute manager, you and your team will complete goals with more ease and...

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Winning the War for Talent

I recently attended a CEO Symposium in Dallas, TX. The focus of the half-day session was winning the war for talent. If you don’t live here, Dallas is a highly competitive and tight labor market in many different industry sectors and...

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Scandalous Cultures and Strong Cultures Start at the Top

In 2016 we were introduced to the snake pit scandalous culture and sexual harassment of 21st Century Fox. Then we had Wells Fargo sales people running rampant opening accounts (for years) without customers approval.

Whoa! Do I need to ask if...

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Move Over Millennials – Meet Generation Z

Most companies are just now figuring out how to recruit and retain Millennials and what happens? Along comes the next group – Meet Generation Z!

Coming to your business in 2025

According to research done by ad agency sparks & honey Generation Z...

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It’s Time to Fire Your Brilliant Jerks

I am constantly amazed at companies that ignore the atrocious behavior caused by some employees. I hear leaders say things such as, “this person has an in demand skill-set. If we lose them it will take forever to hire someone to fill their...

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The Effects of Bubble Leadership

Within the past year research has surfaced regarding out of touch leaders. Thirty-three percent of those surveyed believe that the C-level executives and their teams sometimes appear to operate as though they are in a bubble. Not good. This is...

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Make Money Have Fun Attract Talent

I recently listened to a podcast of a lady in Florida that works in customer service for an insurance company. She was lamenting how she craved to be a writer but was currently working as a call center rep to pay the bills. She certainly sounded...

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Identify Your Future Leaders

As the war for talent continues, it makes more sense for companies to spend time developing their future leaders instead of bringing them in from the outside.

You may be a future leader if:

1. You have vision: If you have vision you can inspire...

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