Does the Job Fit?

Your company has an open position. You have interviewed many people and had several rounds of vetting their skills. You think you are ready to make an offer to one of these candidates.

Stop and ask yourself: Does the person fit the job?

The only...

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Nurturing Your Amazing Employee

You know you have one or more employees that stands head and shoulders above the rest of your team. Why not take a few minutes each day and nurture them so they will become even more amazing than they already are. This list of ten things can help...

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If You’re Great, Don’t Be A Coach

By: Jay S. Levin

What to be a star? Learn to sing. Play guitar. Buy a Versace outfit.

Looking for a platform?

Coaching’s not your thing.

What to make a contribution? Find a charity. Looking to lead? Learn to tango.

Got mad skills, find a talent...

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What Coaches Want You to Know

Over the past twenty years, coaching has become more widely accepted among individuals, corporations and non-profits. I have several colleagues that are certified professional coaches in just about every segment of work and life. I thought it...

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Cultivating Your “Leader Coaching” Skills

By Workforce Architects, LLC

Leaders have a variety of roles they play – visionary, strategist, motivator, director, negotiator, performance manager, deliverer of tough messages, etc.  One role that many effective leaders are now cultivating...

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Do You Need A Coach?

There are many reasons someone may decide to hire a coach. Sometimes a company will hire a coach for an executive or manager, sometimes the individual will hire a coach independently and sometimes a business owner feels the need to hire a coach...

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