Top HR Priorities for Success

We know that 2020 has been a terrible year for some companies and a great year for other companies. If you are looking to get a head start to set your business up for success in 2021, these top HR priorities are a great place to start.


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Leadership Competencies for Stage 1 Companies

Stage 1 Companies have 1-10 employees

Did you know if you simply increased the level of satisfaction in your company, you could increase revenues? A study done by Lyle Spencer for the Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in...

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2014 – Will Your Business Sink or Swim?

As 2014 kicks off and you are considering all the items on your professional and personal to-do list make sure you add these three trends for the coming year: Leadership, Communication and Foresight.

As a business owner or CEO it’s your...

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Leaders Advance or Damage Companies

Starting and building a business is never easy. A lot of variables determine which businesses will be successful and which ones will fail. The Small Business Administration figures show that 80% of new business will fail in the first year. Of...

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Retaining the Right Talent to Reach the Next Level

In today’s economy, every business executive, owner, CEO and president should be asking themselves one important question: “Do I have the talent to take this business to the next level?”

If the answer is no, you probably want to begin...

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Build and Keep a High Performance Team

Employers, entrepreneurs and some managers often think they have to “do it all themselves.” They may say things such as:

“No one can do this as well as I can.”
“It’s easier to just do it myself than to explain how to someone else.”

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