Move Over Millennials – Meet Generation Z

Most companies are just now figuring out how to recruit and retain Millennials and what happens? Along comes the next group – Meet Generation Z!

Coming to your business in 2025

According to research done by ad agency sparks & honey Generation Z...

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“Must-Haves” for Employees: What to Look for When Hiring

I’m going to go ahead and admit that I’d make a terrible accountant. If you wanted to hire me for that role, I’d urge you to do a pre-hire assessment, which will tell you, “This lady won’t be happy! She doesn’t pay attention to detail...

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It’s the People, Stupid

“Money and processes are easy to manage compared to the dynamic impact that people bring to the table.” Laurie Taylor, co-founder of the Origin Institute and President of FlashPoint!

If you could run a profitable, successful company without...

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Top 5 Tips for Hiring Quality Employees

Would you play darts blindfolded? You’d have to hope someone pointed you in the right direction, that your aim is as good as you thought, and that you at least hit the board. It’s ridiculous, right? So why are you doing the same thing when...

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Stop Hiring the Wrong People

In the past month I have had two separate situations where I interacted with employees from two different companies. Let me tell you – I was not impressed. What led me to write about this is that you and your company hire people several times a...

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Does the Job Fit?

Your company has an open position. You have interviewed many people and had several rounds of vetting their skills. You think you are ready to make an offer to one of these candidates.

Stop and ask yourself: Does the person fit the job?

The only...

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Learn the Art of Finding the Right Person

Organizations throughout the world struggle everyday with placing people in unfilled positions. Corporate America is quickly moving from finding warm bodies to fill a position to finding the right person for the job. Doing so is imperative in...

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