The Right Leadership Style at the Right Time

Every leader needs to have a set of core leadership competencies or use a specific leadership style that helps them move the company forward as it grows. Depending on the stage of growth the company is in will depend on the competencies the...

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Which Employees About to Quit?

Everyday employees quit their current jobs and go to new employers. Business and completing projects don’t stop and your employees aren’t going to tell you they are looking for another job – so what’s a manager to do?

Lucky for us some...

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Words Matter for Effective Communication

We use between 2,000 and 20,000 words a day on average. It’s no wonder that some conversations have happy outcomes and others not so hot outcomes. If we aren’t careful about some of the words we use in conversations with others there could be a...

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Move Over Millennials – Meet Generation Z

Most companies are just now figuring out how to recruit and retain Millennials and what happens? Along comes the next group – Meet Generation Z!

Coming to your business in 2025

According to research done by ad agency sparks & honey Generation Z...

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Time to Fill Your Jobs Faster

It’s taking a lot of you a very long time to fill your jobs. 23 days in fact – up from 13 days back in 2010.

Part of the reason it seems some of you take so long to pull the trigger on an applicant is you have this laborious selection process as...

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What’s Your Bias?

It’s a natural thing for us humans to be biased. It’s all fine and good to be biased about your college football team being the best ever, or state your kids are angels. But when it comes to hiring and interviewing, being biased is not a good...

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Why Flexibility Could be Your #1 Hiring Tactic

Think you’re the only game in town? Think again. If you’re not flexible, the talent you need to fill essential roles will simply move on to other opportunities. Todays’ employees have options. You, however, have just two: get flexible, or...

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It’s the People, Stupid

“Money and processes are easy to manage compared to the dynamic impact that people bring to the table.” Laurie Taylor, co-founder of the Origin Institute and President of FlashPoint!

If you could run a profitable, successful company without...

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