3 Steps to Your Hiring Bulls-eye

The world of hiring is changing constantly but the basic tenets still apply.

You want to grow your company

You need to hire people

You need the ‘right’ people not just a body to fill a role

What I see happening is most of you are still using...

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Does the Job Fit?

Your company has an open position. You have interviewed many people and had several rounds of vetting their skills. You think you are ready to make an offer to one of these candidates.

Stop and ask yourself: Does the person fit the job?

The only...

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The Home Stretch

It’s almost the fourth quarter of 2012 and (groan) time to be thinking about next year. While there are a lot of distractions (hurricanes, the Presidential elections) don’t let your business get caught without a strategy and detailed plan for...

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Teams and Trust

Like many of the best things in life, trust really is free. Doing without trust will cost you dearly, especially in business. What’s at stake is productivity, innovation, and ultimately, profits.

High functioning teams share goals that drive...

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Motivation and Your Employees

In their most recent HBR Blog, Carolyn Dewar and Scott Keller discuss the four motivation mistakes that most leaders make.

  • Leaders think employees care as much about the company as they do
  • Everyone is not motivated by money
  • Your people want you...
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Cost Of A Bad Hire

Do you know what a bad hire costs your organization? Some numbers indicate failure so clearly that you can’t help but pay attention to them.

For a minute, assume the role of a senior executive who has just been handed a business scorecard...

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