Keep Your Exceptional Employees

To keep exceptional employees and to reduce employee turnover, it’s not enough for a company to say that people are their greatest asset. You, the Leader must show you value your employees. If your organization is experiencing a high level of...

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Business Priorities

Updating your business priorities never goes out of style. As a business leader, it is your responsibility to ensure all your employees understand what the yearly business priorities are. It’s also your responsibility to help each individual...

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Rules of the Road Stage 2 Company

Dear Leader,

If you were stranded on a desert island and only had 30 seconds of battery left on your cell phone – could your second in command at the office tell you how well your company was running?

If your entire company was focused on...

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Rules of the Road Stage 1 Company

Getting focused on the right things at the right time spells success for any leader of a growing organization.
Getting an entire team of people focused on the right things at the right time is what takes ‘good’ companies and makes them...

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Your Employees Are Your Business

If you have customers, your employees are your business and the face of your product/service to your customers. If you are a business owner or leader running a company, you can not do everything and you need your employees.

This year is the first...

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Growing Your Company

“You have probably heard if your company isn’t growing, it’s dying”

The SBA has statistics of small companies that start and go out of business within one, five and ten years. If you are a business owner, CEO or other executive responsible for...

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The Cost of Status Quo

Status quo noun -‘kwo: the current situation: the way things are now

“One day everything will be well, that is our hope. Everything’s fine today, that is our illusion” –Voltaire

The quote from Voltaire challenges us to not fall prey to the...

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It’s the People, Stupid

“Money and processes are easy to manage compared to the dynamic impact that people bring to the table.” Laurie Taylor, co-founder of the Origin Institute and President of FlashPoint!

If you could run a profitable, successful company without...

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