I have had the great pleasure of working with Vicki on several occasions and each time I am more and more impressed and amazed by her ability to bring incredible insight to the people side of our business and its needs. It’s simply amazing! She has the ability to assess exactly what a company needs to do to attract, hire and keep the right people in the right positions. The assessment tools are fantastic, but even better is Vicki’s coaching around the results. The reports are incredibly insightful, but what really brings things to life is way in which Vicki explains and deciphers what things mean and how to move forward. It makes one wonder how companies can hire and/or help people and organizations grow – without her expertise. If you need help on the “people side” of your business – “putting the right people on the bus” to help your company handle growth efficiently and effectively – then you must call Strategic Human Insights. You’ll be so glad you did!”

– Meghan Ritchie, VP, New Business Development Consumer’s Choice of Atlanta

“Vicki has a unique, in depth consultative approach to HR and recruiting initiatives. She analyzes and learns her client’s culture and strategic plans which enables her to recruit and present the highest level of quality niche candidates for the industry that align with the companies’ organizational goals. Vicki was responsible for over 50% of the new hires for our startup organization Advectis, Inc. that was later sold to Xerox Corporation for over $40 million!”

– Prudence Green, VP Client Services, Xerox Mortgage Services

“I’m very happy to recommend Strategic Human Insights and the very fine work that Vicki Lauter does for our firm. We have been using Vicki’s firm for the past few years, and it has been a blessing to our organization. Strategic Human Insights has worked with our firm to help streamline our HR and recruiting process. I’m happy to say that we have saved a lot of time and money by utilizing some of the programs that Vicki has to offer. If your firm is looking for a true HR consulting firm, look no further. Vicki is one of the best!”

– Michael Peterson Brookmeade Healthcare

Feedback from a Team Advantage workshop – “We are posting our communication do’s and don’ts along with motivators and communication styles on our doors. My team is reviewing a piece of the results report at our weekly staff meetings…really enjoying it. I think it has been very beneficial to my staff, we are really in good sync right now. Thanks again! ”

– Pam Brems Mansour Center Director

“Over the years, I have seen many different professional hire skills assessments. However, the ones Vicki uses at Strategic Human Insights are by far the best I’ve seen. Not only are they insightful, but they are also practical in that they give detailed individual-specific insights into the best environment, management methods and types of work that will allow maximum productivity and morale within an organization. It’s a must for succession planning or optimization of existing organizations. Before long, companies will need to staff back up, and I wouldn’t want to undergo that process without a thorough analysis of what skills current employees possess and what skills potential recruits could bring. Without a doubt, Vicki is the person you need to call in to make those kinds of decisions.”

– Eric Smith, D.E. Smith Engineering and Design

“I have a small company with a very small but dedicated staff. Adding a new employee is an absolutely critical event for my business. Vicki was able to help me easily administer a Professional Hire Skills assessment of a prospective employee and compare that person’s values and skills to the position we were seeking. She was also able to analyze how the individual and I would most likely interact and was able to counsel me on the best ways to motivate this person. I am much more confident that I am hiring the right person than I would have been without Vicki’s assistance. She really helped educate me on what to look for in the hiring process.”

– Dave Morrisset, Owner – Signs By Tomorrow