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These additional resources listed below are part of the Strategic Human Insights system that support growing businesses as they hire, engage, develop and retain their best talent.



Developing Employees

You’ve spent a lot of time and money recruiting, hiring and onboarding the right people for the right roles. Why not help them grow with YOUR organization instead of leaving for greener pastures? In addition to hiring, our assessment tools can also be used as a starting point for individual employee development plans.

Strategic Human Insights helps you develop creative ways to grow your employees that cost little money upfront but pay off in big ways for your employees AND your company in the long run.

  • The 3 Question Session (Video)

    Learn how you can connect in a more authentic way with your team or employees by using the 3 question session. Click here to download the PDF to learn how to conduct The 3 Question Session.

  • New Manager Assimilation

    When a new Leader or Manager gets promoted or starts with your organization, you want them to become as productive as possible as quickly as possible. We recommend you support a fast start by providing them with insights into their team via the one day New Manager/Leader Assimilation program.

    This one day (8 hours) customized program is designed to provide a forum for a new manager/leader and their team to develop an early understanding of their communication styles so they can get onto more important things like meeting goals. The one day program is segmented into four facilitated segments which can be delivered in one day or two half days.

  • Team Advantage

    Build teams that work: We’ll help you break down barriers that impede progress and leverage strengths that enable you to achieve strategic goals.

    How do you build cohesive teams and ensure they work together efficiently? Our half-day and full-day workshops provide teams with a critical toolset that will enable them to communicate and work more effectively. The Team Advantage Workshop guides participants to a better understanding of behaviors, motivators, similarities and differences so they can overcome real and perceived obstacles to success – and get to work. Find out how our Team Communication Workshops can help you build better teams today.

Please contact us to find out how these programs can support your team.


  • Are You Creating Chaos in Chaos?

    In this Podcast, Vicki talks about leaders being excellent at leadership. She discusses real life examples that has influenced her work. She also goes through the stages of employment that can influence leaders.

  • Leadership Lessons I Learned from a Homeless Man

    Originally given at DisruptHR Atlanta. Vicki shares how her encounter with a homeless man paralleled a succession planning project she was working on for an engineering consulting firm.

  • The Performance Review is Dead

    Originally given at DisruptHR Dallas. Vicki shares how some companies are getting rid of the old school performance review. She provides insights into the Three Question Session she developed and uses successfully with companies today.

  • What You Don’t Know About Assessments Can Co$t You

    Originally given to a CFO roundtable, helping them understand how using an unvalidated assessment for hiring can put a company in hot water with the OFCCP and how using the TTISI assessments for hiring can help them learn more about their candidates before they even come to the office for an interview.

  • Intelligent Hiring Process

    A strong, intelligent hiring process that is consistently executed is a critical element for long-term success. Here’s a short course about how to build one.

  • Be the Leader Your Company Needs [Webinar]

    Are you the leader of a company or a team? If so, check out this video where I discuss the importance of using specific leadership styles at certain stages of your business (or team) growth.


Job Benchmarking

Resumes are NOT data, they are Creative Writing at best. If you are only using a resume or information from someone’s LinkedIn profile to hire, you are probably spending a lot of precious time (and money) re-recruiting for the same role. We are certified to use the TTISI patented job benchmarking system which clarifies roles and ensures that management, employees and candidates have a shared definition and understanding of any given position.

Strategic Human Insights consultants work with you and the Subject Matter Experts for the position to develop 3-5 Key accountability statements for each benchmarked role, eliminating potential confusion and providing you with a tool to measure future performance. Our findings help identify skills gaps so you can establish coaching and training plans that optimize employee contribution.

Benchmarking reduces hiring costs, decreases turnover and ensures everyone – from management to candidates – is clear on responsibilities and expectations.

  • What is a Job Benchmark Report?

    The Job Benchmark report is the data that comes from a group of subject matter experts who are key to uncovering why a specific job in your organization is needed. Once the subject matter experts determine the 3-5 Key Accountability Statements for the job role they take the assessment and the outcome is data for a Job Benchmark for the specific role in your organization.

  • Job Benchmarks: How and Why to Use Them

    TTI’s patented job benchmarking process is unique because we benchmark the job, not the people in the job. With the Key Accountability process, you can “let the job talk” to know exactly what it needs for superior performance.

  • Gap Report

    The Gap Report is run once you have a Job Benchmark and have assessessed your candidate using one of the TTISI Assessments. The Gap Report will show you how closely the candidate matches each area of the Job Benchmark or where they exceed or fall short. This gives the hiring authority the ability to make a conscious choice to hire the individual or not. No more going on your gut or just looking at their skills. Now you’ll know if the individual fits the culture and the job too.

Give us a call if you’d like to learn more or if you have any questions.

Assessment Tools

When a job’s rewards and culture are in line with those of the person performing that role, the result is performance excellence. Our assessments give you the information you need to hire, engage, motivate and retain the best individuals for each position in your organization. Strategic Human Insights consultants are certified in a variety of talent assessments that provide leadership, individuals and teams with information and insights critical for overall development.

Our expertise encompasses tools that provide data related to one’s top competencies, (DISC) behaviors, motivators, sales abilities and emotional intelligence. We are also able to provide tools that give you 360 degree feedback and improve team effectiveness.

Strategic Human Insights is certified to use TTISI Assessment tools. All TTISI Tools are validated for hiring. Accuracy is everything. We offer the only multi-science assessments validated and backed by brain research.

  • Talent Insights Report®

    The Talent Insights Report includes: The 2 Sciences of DISC and Driving Forces and a section for Integrating Behaviors and Driving Forces.

    Use this assessment with the Job Benchmarking process or stand alone when, minimal skills are needed for the job, when you are hiring an entry level or intern position, when you want to know how someone will behave on the job or how they are motivated.

  • TriMetrixDNA®

    The TriMetrixDNA Includes 3 Sciences of Personal Skills/Competencies, DISC and Driving Forces.

    Based on a 37-factor analysis, TTI TriMetrix reveals a person’s specific traits in three areas, The What, The How and The Why. This report can be used as part of the complete Job Benchmarking® Process as well as employee coaching and development, performance appraisals, succession planning and organizational development.

    Use this report when specific soft skills and/or experience is needed, when you are hiring for a managerial position or when you are developing internal talent skill set for a specific role.

  • TriMetrixHD®

    The TriMetrixHD includes 4 Sciences of Personal Skills/Competencies, DISC, Driving Forces and Acumen Capacity.

    Based on a unique, 55-factor analysis, the TTI TriMetrixHD® examines the behaviors (DISC) individuals bring to the job, the motivators that drive them and whether they possess the competencies and discernment required by the job.

    Use this report when you are hiring for critical positions in the organization such as executive level or director level when you want to know an individual’s business acumen and decision making process. Can also be used for executive succession planning.

  • TriMetrixHD Sales®

    The TriMetrixHD Sales report includes 4 Sciences of Personal Skills/Competencies, DISC, Driving Forces, Acumen Capacity, Sales Characteristics and Behavioral Selling Overview for each phase of the sales cycle. If you are hiring for a sales role, you want to use this report. It is the only validated sales report backed by brain science.

Other Tools

You may also find the following tools helpful for your business.

  • Emotional Quotient®

    EQ measures emotional intelligence, which is the ability to sense, understand and effectively apply emotions to facilitate high levels of collaboration and productivity. EQ is important in the business environment because it helps leverage the awareness of emotions for the effectiveness in the workplace. Are you an emotionally intelligent leader?

  • Cost of a Bad Hire Calculator

    You have spent a lot of time recruiting, onboarding and acclimating a new hire. Sometimes they leave or get fired. It’s not your fault they didn’t work out. Find out what a bad hire costs your organization so you can take charge of the process and get a handle on your budget.

  • The Cost of Procrastination Calculator

    Sometimes you think it’s easier to hold onto someone who’s not working out. This calculator will help you see the real cost to your organization for procrastinating, or promoting someone too soon and how much losing a high performer affects your bottom line.

  • Department of Labor Employer Guide to Using Assessments

    The DOL has provided specific information on when and how to use assessments in your hiring process.

  • Sale Performer Research US and Europe

    This research paper will help you see how high performing US Sales individuals perform against their European counterparts.

  • Selecting Superior Performers

    People bring a variety of experience to a job. A percent of all people are hired based on what they say they can do or have done in the past. This research paper will help you uncover hidden bias’ in the hiring process and provide you with a process to help you make better hiring decisions.

  • Job Matching is the Key to Individual Performance

    When the individual matches the job they are in, they will soar to great heights. This paper will help you see how conducting a Job Benchmark for the role is the best way to ensure an individual is right for the job you want them to do. Use the TTISI assessments to build a development plan for individuals on your team or in your company.

  • Understanding DISC
  • Valuable Employee

Organizational Surveys

All employees participate. These Customizable diagnostic tools are for you, the leader, to determine how the organization can improve employee and customer satisfaction.

360-Degree Feedback Surveys

Customize the feedback for an individual from peers, subordinates, customers and management regarding their effectiveness of their performance. These surveys are used to enhance performance and develop the individual.

T.E.A.M.S. Surveys

Focus on helping the members of a team improve their performance and quality of life within the team. T.E.A.M.S. surveys can uncover effective and ineffective practices of the group, focussing on areas for necessary adjustments and coaching. With the input from everyone involved, team development in easily assessed and accurately addressed.

Contact us to find out how customized surveys can have a positive impact on your business.