People Make Things Happen

In less than a month we’ll be in the new year. By now most businesses have (hopefully) set their strategy for 2012. Most likely as a business owner or CEO you have finished or (hopefully) will finish your employees annual reviews (at the latest) this month.

Your business drivers most likely include Marketing and Innovation. Things such as money, time, the product or service you provide all make things possible for you and your clients. But your people are what make the business actually happen.  If you are looking to increase your business this year or provide better service to your clients, start with your people. The more you know about your employees the better performance you can help them have which in turn benefits the company.

I recommend as part of your annual review process all your employees take assessments; either update the ones you are already using or start this year using them. Employee assessment tools help you have a better understanding of what motivates your people and what their behaviors are going to be. Employee assessments also help with performance management and succession planning.

When the first day of business arrives in 2012 you want your employees to enter the building knowing what you expect of them and and what they should be spending their time on. The only way to hold your team accountable for results is to provide them the direction and vision you have set for the company.

Don’t end 2011 without a plan to help your business by helping your employees.  You’ll be a lot farther along than your competition and you’ll have better retention among your staff. If you have any questions or need help implementing a performance management system, retention or succession planning strategy, give us a call we can help.