Strategic Human Insights helps clients make better decisions and leverage their human capital to achieve outstanding results. By forming strategic partnerships with exceptional organizations such as TTI and Vital Learning, we add value to the client experience, ensuring greater success throughout the process. We are proud to partner with:

TTI Success Insightsttisilogo_opt

TTI Success Insights develops and distributes assessments that help businesses hire, develop and retain top talent. Scientifically-proven, OFCCP and EEOC-compliant, and free from adverse impact, these tools enable organizations to create and promote healthy working environments that facilitate superior performance.

Odyssey Certified Consultants (OCC)

We are a proud member of the select OCC and conform to its rigorous professional, business, and ethical standards. As an OCC consultant, we deliver breakthrough strategic thinking, change management, cultural transformation and process intervention to address clients’ critical pain points and empower them to develop and implement their own solutions.

Strategic Human Insight’s close affiliation with these organizations enables us to provide a level of service to our clients that cannot be matched.