Nurturing Your Amazing Employee

You know you have one or more employees that stands head and shoulders above the rest of your team. Why not take a few minutes each day and nurture them so they will become even more amazing than they already are. This list of ten things can help you you nurture your amazing employee(s).

  1. Teach them all aspects of your business – Depending on the level of the individual this could be as simple as providing them with materials on business basics all they way to having them shadow you and learn part of your job.
  2. Instill in them to treat the company like it is theirs – The more employees know about the company, where its heading, what the top and bottom line numbers are the more they can start acting like a business owner  themselves. If they don’t understand their own impact on the organization, they most likely won’t put forth much effort.
  3. Provide them with opportunities to grow – If employees understand the value proposition of the company and how they can impact it, they will be more inclined to look for opportunities within the company to add value.
  4. Help them resolve issues before they become issues – This could also fall under the category of responsibility and authority. Give them some leeway in solving their own challenges without having to come to you at every turn.
  5. Provide an open culture where they can tell it like it is – Foster an open environment where everyone can tell the truth. It’s better to get bad news before it gets too bad.
  6. Let them drive their own high standards – Reward those that go above and beyond what is expected. Once other employees see you providing praise to their team members it won’t be long before everyone steps up their game.
  7. Help them grow themselves as well as others -Encourage peer coaching. This especially works well with the Millennial generation where they have been working on teams since they were small.
  8. Let them explore creative problem solving options – Step back and let them figure things out for themselves. Give them space to try things that may or may not work. This is the only way people can grow.
  9. Help them integrate work into their life – This solution could be as simple as letting them work one day at week at home or one day every other week, if they have the type of job that allows it. For other individuals that have to be in the office or plant every day, tell them to leave early from time to time. People appreciate not missing their kids sports games every now an then and if you are telling them to go ahead and go they appreciate you because they know you understand them and care about their personal well being.
  10. Help them, help you be a better boss – If your amazing employees know you value them, they will step up their game and operate in ways that make your job easier and ultimately adds revenue to the bottom line.

It takes a lot of money and time to recruit and retain the right talent for your organization. Your amazing employees will help propel your company forward in ways you may not even thought about. The bottom line is top employees want to grow with a company they have personally invested in. If you provide the means for them to step up to the plate, they will take the bat and hit a home run.

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