Mid-Year Check-Up

How does a leader cultivate an attitude that will cascade throughout the organization to get results? By taking stock of our business and thinking about how we want it to grow. Altering the life of the business starts here, and if employees are truly engaged and meeting goals it sets the tone for the rest of the year.

In every industry there are businesses that really stood out in recent years. The ones that weathered the fluctuating economic landscape and pressed on to produce growth were driven by flexible people who were able to adapt as events unfolded. These leaders held themselves personally accountable for managing the changes that impacted their organization. This is the attitude that leads to innovation and profits.

Mid-year is a great time to check in with your employees to see where they are with regard to the goals that were set at the annual performance review. Don’t waste this opportunity to get your people engaged to finish the year strong. I have provided some tips below to help you manage the mid-year check up process and keep your team on track.

Mid-Year Performance Checklist

As we reach the mid-year mark, businesses are wondering if their employees are actually meeting the goals they set at the last performance review.

Employee performance reviews allow for communication to develop between business owner, managers and employees. Although managers seek to ensure employees conform to position requirements and responsibilities, they should also pay attention to the feedback provided by employees during the review process. A checklist prepared before an employee performance review can make sure the company and employee benefit from a mutually respectful exchange of ideas.

  • Set up a meeting for the mid-year review with each employee
  • Ask employees to prepare a summary of their accomplishments since their annual performance review.Assess their performance of competencies, draft some objectives for the rest of the year and think about career aspirations. (If your process doesn’t already include self-appraisals.)
  • Review and discuss goals they have met and set a plan to reach open goals for the rest of the year
  • Set development plans to assess and close skill gaps and set training goals as needed for the remainder of the year
  • Provide feedback and coaching as necessary for the employee to reach their goals for the remainder of the year


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