Making Room for Millennials

Hello – I am a Millennial and I WANT YOUR JOB!

Face it Boomers – Millennials want you out of the work force and they want you out NOW!

You might have seen the survey, Age Diversity in the Workplace  that indicates 30% of younger workers felt having ‘older workers’ in their office would be a bad thing. I actually find this interesting considering we hear from Millennials they are open to diversity and don’t see differences between themselves and others.

I just want to say to those of you in the Millennial and Generation Z, hold your horses. We definitely want to give you the reins and we definitely want to make room for you. But being a digital native does not make you the smartest person in the room…Yet. You basically don’t know what you don’t know about work, running a company or even embracing REAL diversity at this age in your career.

Diversity isn’t just skin deep. Diversity is listening to your office mates or team mates opinions and ideas without judgement regardless of what you think, believe or how you feel. There is huge value in working with people that are different from ourselves. But I digress…

More importantly, Millennials would do well to take advantage of the more experienced staff members (Boomers, GenX and GenY) in their offices before they take institutional knowledge and life learnings with them.

Besides, Andrew Chamberlin, chief economist at Glassdoor, thinks Millennials blaming more senior workers from keeping them climbing the corporate ladder is rooted in falsehoods. “The longer more experienced staff stay in the workforce, it also means they are spending,” by spending seniors help build a rich economy that provides jobs and lots of opportunities.”

So go ahead Millennials, GenZ and anyone else looking to get the Boomers out of the workforce – ask us a million and one questions about work/life, growing a business and lessons we’ve learned over the course of our work life. Once we are gone – you’ll be on your own.