Make Money Have Fun Attract Talent

I recently listened to a podcast of a lady in Florida that works in customer service for an insurance company. She was lamenting how she craved to be a writer but was currently working as a call center rep to pay the bills. She certainly sounded like she had a bubbly personality and went on to tell the audience that the call center reps had to follow the script and if they went off script would be written up and even have pay deducted for ‘not following the rules.’ This does not sound like a place to thrive or have fun.

Then I watched a Leadercast video where one of the main leaders of a company was telling the audience that they have adopted a company mantra of ‘Make Money Have Fun’ and that this has actually helped them attract talent. A recent candidate turned employee, started telling his friends and close circle that they had to work for this company that totally believes the company can make money and at the same time have fun. Their compelling message, employer brand and culture has now started to help them attract talent that would not have known about them if the message had not gotten out.

So talent attracts talent, a strong company culture attracts talent and the hope is that soul sucking work is eventually a thing of the past.

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