For Love OR Money?

After 3 years of promises eHarmony finally launched it’s site for matching job seekers with money/jobs. It’s called Elevated Careers and they boast the same technology that helps 438 marriages each day is now responsible for matching a job seeker with money/jobs.

HOLD ON people. The first thing you need to know is that the original technology behind eHarmony was developed by TTI Success Insights. You’ve heard of TTI because they provide the Pre-Hire Assessments that I use with all of my clients. The next thing you need to know is Elevated Careers is really a Job Board. The only thing that sets them apart is what they call their proprietary technology. They provide limited information on their site as to how it all actually works.

Something VERY important to know before deciding to date this new girl/guy on the block is that their assessment methodology has not been validated for hiring and they do not have enough data to immediately provide an adverse impact study. Adverse impact could keep companies from hiring those in a protected class. When you decide to use a specific assessment during hiring you want to ask your assessment provider for validity studies and adverse impact studies. This EEOC document regarding using assessments in the hiring process will help you understand why. What you don’t want to be is like Target and who let hiring managers use any variety of assessments during the hiring process. They were fined a large amount of money.

In reality Elevated Careers is the shiny new Job Board on the block kind of like a magic diet pill overweight people want. Lazy companies with terrible hiring practices want a ‘magic hiring pill’ and will think that this is the ANSWER to all their hiring problems – Eureka!

I’ve advocated in these blog posts before – what you want is a better way to match your applicants to your jobs. It’s called Job Benchmarking and you don’t need to sign up for some job board for it to work.

Want another opinion? Check out Matt Charney¬†and read his take on Elevated Careers. He’s independent and probably doesn’t even know who I am.

If you are really serious about fixing your hiring problems, contact me for a Strategic Human Insights complementary session. We’ll discuss your specific situation, it gives you a chance to see how I work with my clients and for us both to see if we are a match for each other.