Leadership Styles for Stage 1 Companies

What’s your Leadership style? OR Are you flexible depending on the situation?

The key leadership styles a CEO or Business Owner should be using in a Stage 1 company (1-10 employees) are:

These leaders frame the collective task in terms of a grander vision.

Are you a Visionary Leader? Can you help people SEE the future? Can you engage people in CREATING the future? Can you help people DELIVER the future?

These leaders communicate a belief in people’s potentials and an expectation that they can do their best.

Can you build rapport and trust? Can you identify strengths and weaknesses? Can you help employees establish long term development goals?

These leaders exert forceful direction to get better results.

Are you focused on compliance without explaining why? are you focusing on people’s weaknesses and not their strengths? Is the situation you are in today dictating the use of this style?

Target your approach to leadership and improve your organizations performance.

Your employees simply want: Trust, Hope Compassion and Stability. So be the leader your company needs!

One size does not fit all! You need a variety of leadership styles to be effective

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