Late Again

Do you have an employee that is constantly late for work? Have you asked them why they are always late or have you brainstormed ideas on how you they can get to work on time? I’m asking because I have noticed that sometimes an employee’s behavior is noticed by leadership but never acted upon. I’ve often wondered if it’s because you don’t want to confront the employee or perhaps you think it will reverse itself on its own.

I belong to a gym in Atlanta where I have been a member for about 8 years. Twice a week I work out with a trainer from 6-7am. More often than not (on the two days I am there) the employee that is supposed to be at the customer service desk by 7am is not there. This situation has me wondering why this person is late all the time.

Perhaps the boss doesn’t know this person is consistently late. I’m thinking the boss does know – once a year members fill out a survey and those of us that are at the gym early shared with each other we noted the person should be at their station by 7am. For a short time, the situation did get better but now that we are into the second month of the year and they are starting to be late again.

I have a theory as to why this person is late – they don’t like their job. How many of your employees are you letting hang on that show signs they don’t like their job? Are you just going to carry dead weight for another week, month or year on your payroll?

What can you do when you start to notice this type of behavior?

  • Reiterate to all employees your company hours and your expectations for each employee being at work on time every day unless they have a preapproved absence
  • If its one employee have an individual discussion about the issue and note the discussion
  • If its multiple employees meet with them as a group and then individually to address their specific situation and needs and how you can support them
  • Maintain accurate records in case you need to take more drastic measures

Leaders, if you have even one employee that is consistently late for work what you need to realize is all your good employees know what’s going on AND how you are handling the situation. I caution you to address this issue quickly.  Believe me when I tell you if you do nothing or ignore the issue, your good employees will leave. It’s your choice.