Keeping Your Talented Managers

Recognizing and developing talent is a constant challenge for any company. Today’s challenge is to produce more, and better results with few employees for customers who demand more value-add for less effort and cost.

Do YOU have the talent to meet this challenge?

In his book Good to Great, Jim Collins uses the ‘bus’ business metaphor. he says great leaders understand three simple truths:

  • If you begin with the “Who” rather than the “What,” you can more easily adapt to a changing world.
  • If you have the right people on the bus, the problem of how to motivate them largely goes away.
  • If you have the wrong people on the bus, it doesn’t matter whether you discover the right direction, you still won’t have a great company.

Collins maintains executives who ignite the transformations from good to great did not first figure out where to drive the bus, they get the people to take it there. Instead, they first got the people on the bus, (and the wrong people off) and then figured out where to drive it.

Companies regularly fail to recognize the best talent due to a poorly structured approach to management and a lack of identifications of the competencies, skill sets, behaviors, attributes and culture fit required for the positions in their companies.

The following provides an outline for identifying, recognizing and developing talent in business.

  1. Benchmark the job. Identify key accountabilities for the position.
  2. Measure the competencies of the individual in line with the job requirements
  3. Develop and implement appropriate solutions to bridge the competency gaps.

Don’t make the mistake of hiring by the heart or by feeling. If you put in place a systematic talent management approach to identifying talent that is right for YOUR organization, you’ll be on your way to building a “Good to Great” company and retain your talented managers!