Hiring Talent Outside Your Box

A recent talent magazine article encourages the reader to ‘Find Talent Outside the Box’ It goes on to state that because of the talent shortage companies are starting to be open to hiring talent without specific industry experience.

News Flash People – This has been going on for some time now. This is NOT new information.

In fact companies that have already benchmarked their jobs and currently use validated pre-hire assessments have been hiring talent outside their ‘industry box’ for years. And those company’s that need specific skills or background? These company’s screen those options ‘in’ and still use job a benchmark and pre-hire assessments to get a superior performer.

Case in point – a growing web based Technology Company needed to hire client account managers to work between the development team and quality assurance to translate non-technical information to the client for the set up at the client site. This Technology Company had already benchmarked their job. The Job Benchmark consists of the company’s top Competencies, Behaviors, Motivators and Acumen for the job.

Using elements from the job benchmark the company wrote an online job posting that appealed to people that had a keen interest in the position. Once the individual applied and was directed to complete a pre-hire assessment the company was able to compare the individual’s assessment results to the job benchmark for the position.

In this case many individuals hired did not have previous technology company experience. And those that applied but were not hired? Some were called and interviewed for other jobs within the company that their competencies, behaviors, motivators and acumen fit better.

Big benefits in job benchmarking include – good hiring practices with less bias. When you assess your applicants against a job benchmark it allows you to make a conscious hiring choice. (Read – no bias) If you are deciding between two people for a position you’ll know exactly who matches, exceeds or falls short of the job benchmark. But that’s okay. Because you can always make a conscious decision that you will provide learning and development opportunities for your new hire.

I am a big advocate for doing everything you can to screen the right applicants into your company for a position. But please do it the right and responsible way by having a Job Benchmark and using an EEOC, OFCCP compliant pre-hire Assessment.

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