Generation X Changing the Workplace

Generation X: The Forgotten Generation

Michelle Obama, Jeff Bezos, Jack Dorsey and Michael Dell are all Gen X’ers – don’t tell them they are the forgotten generation. These individuals as well as many people in your company have contributed on many levels to society and business.

Generation X gets a bit of a bad wrap due to being in the shadow of the Boomer’s but less marketed to than the Millennials. Gen X still has a lot to offer and contribute to your organization so don’t discount them as solid players in continuing to grow your organization. They remember the old world (analog) before the internet and have great skill when it comes to navigating digital transformation. Generation X is tech savvy but also shows a mastery of conventional leadership skills more on par with Boomers.This includes identifying new talent and bringing initiatives to the goal line of reality.

If it’s collaboration you’re looking for, Generation X has that down. They work to breakdown organizational silo’s and stop the “Us and Them” mentality and finger pointing that happens in so many organizations.(we need more of this) Genxer’s are hard core realists. (remember the movie Reality Bites?) While they can be a little cynical at times, overall they are your best best to get initiatives completed once you’ve kicked the Boomer’s to the curb.

GenX has been patiently waiting (in some cases) to finally get their day in the sun. They can be a key strategy to help you get your organization over the hump and move past your competition. Business owners and the C suite need to hand them the reins and let them get to it. Generation X will not disappoint you.