Four Things to Do When Managing a Superior Performer

Smart organizations definitely seek superior performers. CEO’s, human resources and recruiters talk about the importance of finding, hiring, and retaining talent. Unfortunately, no one has much to say about what a superior performer actually looks like or how best to manage one!

A Superior performer can bring a great deal to any organization. Research by Right Management showed that top-notch talent can be 2.5 times more productive than their average counterparts.

Superior performers are also multi-talented. They have many personal attributes, behaviors and values that are all in-line with the job. Unfortunately, a mismanaged superior performer will quickly become a “corporate misfit.”

Superior performers sometimes become corporate mis-fits and leave an organization because they are chased away by managers who don’t understand how to get the most from them.

I have listed four things to do when managing a superior performer.

  • DO make sure your superior performer understand the key accountabilities of the job. Even a superior performer will have a tough time doing a job that’s not clearly defined from day one.
  • DO make sure they have all the resources they need to give you the superior performance they are capable of. Don’t skimp on office supplies, telephones or computers.
  • Do make sure the door is open for them when they arrive in the morning. Superior performers will often be the first ones in and the last ones out. Don’t leave them waiting in the parking lot.
  • Do make sure they go home on the weekends and take a night off occasionally. Superior performers can easily become workaholics and the resulting stress may slow their productivity.

Superior performers have the ability to be the most productive members of any team. They require a different kind of management. The delicate balancing act of not micro-managing, while giving them all they need to perform requires managers to be aware of just how much these hard workers can do.