Doing the Right Thing

Throughout the day or our career there will be a time when you stop and ask yourself, what is the right thing to do in this situation?

Situation:¬† Your company doesn’t have a formal process to give feedback to employees that report to you.

Regardless of whether your company has a formal feedback process, the right thing to do in this case it to give the feedback. You remember how important it was to you as you were coming up the ranks in your career to get feedback from a boss, team leader or mentor. Just do the right thing.

Situation: You are an independent contractor leading a project team and you don’t get paid to provide the team with a project postmortem¬† or feedback to the individuals that actually worked on the project.

Unless you are a selfish jerk, why don’t you just do the right thing? Set up a phone call to discuss with team members who want to participate, how the project went overall and lessons learned. For individuals you felt may have struggled with their part or had challenges, set a separate time to offer feedback and advice so these individuals can make adjustments and continue to grow as professionals.

These are just a few situations, I bet you have opportunities to do the right thing every day.

Nike said it best, Just Do it! (the right thing of course!)