Diversity Creates Compassionate Organizations

Diversity is one of those words that conjure up all sorts of things in people’s heads, especially as it pertains to hiring. But, it’s not about the color of someone’s skin, or increasing the percentages in minority headcount.

It should come as no surprise that having a company comprised of people that think differently is a good idea. Diverse people and ideas allow companies to explore a wide array of options when trying to solve a problem or build a product or solution.

When you start to talk about having a diverse workforce you are also talking about your company culture. Does your company provide volunteer opportunities for your employees and reinvestment within your communities? Do you provide flex time for your employees with aging parents or domestic partner benefits? These are just a few of the ways various companies across the U.S. that have strong diversity programs support their employee base.

I’ve listed some ways you can start to incorporate diversity in your organization:

* Educate your executive team and decide where diversity and inclusion can fit within the culture
* Ensure diversity programs tie to business outcomes
* Form a diversity council or culture team
* Encourage the entrepreneurial spirit within the organization to foster innovation
* Embrace the individual mosaic that makes up your diverse organization
* Build a company family

I’ve listed organizations across the U.S. that seems to be doing a good job embracing diversity and cultural inclusion.
* Johnson and Johnson
* Ford
* Adidas
* Google

I loved reading Google’s inclusion statements. I was struck by the fact that Google is actually creating a culture of compassion for all humans whether they work at the company, want to work at the company or are family members of a Googler as they like to call them.

Let’s face it; it’s difficult enough being human. There is no reason to make life more difficult for those that are seemingly different than us.  Diversity and inclusion means every person and their ideas, flaws and talents are welcomed. That’s the kind of company and the kind of world I want to be part of.